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Name Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Business name generator
  • 1 In the search bar, tell us what you need a name for. Write a short phrase that best describes your business, including keywords, ideas, your industry, or a brief explanation.
  • 2 Our free company name generator will generate hundreds of creative business name ideas in seconds.
  • 3 You’ll also get matching domain name suggestions, and the current availability of each of these domain names.

3 More Ways To Generate Unique Business Names

Launch a Contest

Work with hundreds of creative experts to get custom name suggestions for your business or brand. All names are auto-checked for URL availability.

Explore Names For Sale

Our branding team has curated thousands of pre-made names that you can purchase instantly. All names include a matching URL and a complimentary Logo Design

Agency-level Managed Contests

Our Managed contests combine the power of crowdsourcing with the rich experience of our branding consultants. Get a complete agency-level experience at a fraction of Agency costs

Launch a naming contest and receive 100s of custom submissions from the world's largest community of naming experts. Includes rapid brainstorming and agency-style validation tools.

5 Unique Business Name Generators

How to find a name for your business quickly? Use one of our free tools to generate powerful and creative business name suggestions. In a matter of seconds, generate hundreds of brand name suggestions for your new or existing firm, startup, small business, or store.

Business Name Suggestions By Industry

One great way to find the perfect name for your company or organization is to search by your specific industry. Industry-specific name ideas can help capture the nature of your brand. Search names by popular industries such as Agency & Consulting, Real Estate, Fashion & Clothing, or any industry your brand lives in.

Agency & Consulting Beauty E-Commerce Fashion & Clothing Finance Fitness Food & Drink Real Estate Tech

Brand Name Generator by Keywords

Search company name ideas by keywords. Aligning your name with keywords and brand ideas is another great way to find the perfect name. Type in a keyword such as 'nest', 'pure', 'growth', or 'glow', and you'll be met with personalized name suggestions for your venture.

Web Tech Pure Up Beauty Bold True Hemp Cure Fashion Leaf Pay Finance Luxury Health Fit Ignite Rise Education Food Zen Home

Company Name Generator by Emotions

Naming a company by aligning your name ideas with emotions is another good option. Designing a brand name on a specific emotion is a powerful strategy. Emotions are a great way to connect with your target audience and personalize your brand name ideas. Decide which emotions help tell your brand's story whether that's Power, Strength, Happiness, Ambition, or anything else.

Joy Love Trust Success, Thrive Quality Luxury Leadership Growth Truth Disrupt Insight Connection Speed Fun Passion Peace Caring Rise

Product Name Generator

Finding the perfect name for your product can be challenging! Use our specially designed product name suggestion tool to instantly give you compelling, relevant, and customized names tailored to your preferences and product.

Agency & Consulting Beauty E-Commerce Fashion & Clothing Finance Fitness Food & Drink Real Estate Tech

Startup Name Generator

Ready to launch your startup, but still looking for the perfect name? Use our free, AI-powered startup name generator to find hundreds of creative, catchy, industry-relevant, and memorable startup names carved out only for your startup.

Agency & Consulting Beauty E-Commerce Fashion & Clothing Finance Fitness Food & Drink Real Estate Tech

How to Generate a Business Name That Stands Out

Our free and creative brand name generator will help you find unique names for your company in seconds. If you wish to supplement our tool with a manual process, here's how to find a name for your company that fits your brand and industry.

Set The Foundation

When looking for a name for your brand, start by understanding what values, ideas, and key concepts you'd like your brand to capture. Writing down these baseline concepts will allow you to build off of them and generate exceptional business name ideas, whether you're using a brand name creator or not.

Know Your Audience

A brand name must appeal to your core audience and what they value. Remember that the brand name idea you land on should resonate deeply with your target audience since they will be the deciding factor between success and failure. Naming a business with your audience in mind is not difficult. Our enterprise-grade name generation tool that filters by industry is a great solution for finding company name ideas that align with your audience.

Think Big Picture

Now you are wondering, how to name a business with the big picture in mind? Whether you're rebranding or starting a business, one important factor when naming a brand is considering your long-term business goals. Avoid focusing on brand name ideas that narrow your ability to grow and transform your brand over the years. That is why our free business name creator provides some naming ideas that are abstract and not tied to a specific industry.

Know The Danger Zones

When coming up with a business name, avoid ideas that are difficult to say, hard to spell, or lose engagement with your audience. Unique, memorable, captivating name ideas are a great way to push your business forward. The last thing you want is a name for your brand that just doesn't create an amazing first impression (no matter how thoughtful the explanation for the name is).

Start Brainstorming

When naming your company, brainstorming with a group of individuals is one of the best ways to get naming ideas flowing. You and your team must become business name creators! Try to brainstorm as many catchy business name ideas as you can before landing on a final name. Consider exploring premium domains to find the perfect option.

Test Your Name Ideas

Name validation is often overlooked when coming up with business names - Use audience testing and trademark support. Validation provides feedback from real people on your name ideas and helps you avoid any potential legal issues that can become tedious and expensive down the line. One of the keys to coming up with a business name is to validate your favorite names before making your final choice.

Over 200,000+ Business Name Ideas

These examples of short, catchy, one-word, color, cute business names, and more, are real business names created by our content community for our 50,000+ clients. So use them only for inspiration.

Filters by Categories

Catchy Business Name Ideas

A short and spunky business name is modern and easy to remember. Such a name is usually one or two syllables long, catchy, and really packs in a punch. Tech companies often opt for short names to sound contemporary and cool.


Great One Word Business Names

One-word business name ideas are quite the fad. If you can choose a single-word creative name for your brand, it helps catch the attention of potential customers and also positions the brand as high-end and dynamic.


Smart Alliterative Brand Name Ideas

Using alliterations for naming a business is an extremely creative technique. Alliterations - where the first and second names start with the same letter - automatically stand out and are highly catchy for those who might spot your business on social media.


Cool Colorful Company Name Ideas

When generating business name ideas, think of a few cool names that contain a color in them as these are perfect for creating a visual image for the customer. The association with the color can also help stakeholders remember the brand’s name.

Black Fox
Black Marble

Cute Animal Business Names

If it fits your brand’s identity, having an animal in your company’s name can leave a cute and unique impression. Remember Panda Express? Such names send off a warm vibe, while also creating a memorable and visual image.

Brighter Bee

Best Feminine Brand Names

Feminine names are ideal for brands in the beauty industry or those who want to align themselves with values such as compassion, elegance, empowerment, and style.

Bella Bash

Powerful Masculine Company Names

Choosing a masculine name while naming a business is a good idea if you want to invoke feelings of strength and adventure. These brandable trade names are also ideal for businesses that cater exclusively to men.

Iron Bandit Labs
Iron Birch Advisors

50,000+ Customers

Including large enterprises and recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies by Inc Magazine.

How to Choose a Business Name

Learn how to choose your business name with our Care or Don't Checklist. Discover what it means to care about your brand, and what might happen if you don't. Only select a name for your business after completing this checklist.



Your brand name should provide context to your brand. Some names begin a brand story (Burt's Bees), other names set tone and positioning (Urban Decay). What is most important is that your name fits your specific brand. Don't be generic!


When selecting a brand name, companies may care more about sounding unique or edgy. However, at times, this can mean choosing a name that's difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell and write. This may cause you to lose appeal with the target market.


A unique business name can be the difference between a successful and average brand. It doesn't need to be something crazy but a one-of-a-kind name that sets you apart from any other business in the same space.


You can choose a brand name that is emotional, experiential, descriptive, elegant, or witty. Whatever you choose, a name should inspire a potent response from your target audience - an emotional reaction or a unique idea relevant to your brand that helps the name stick in the consumers’ minds.



Before finalizing your brand name, ensure that it's not hard to pronounce or spell. Such a name will confuse consumers and be difficult to remember.


You may opt for an exotic or abstract brand name understood by only a few. But this can alienate your audience and lose its memorability.


Your brand name shouldn't be too safe or boring either. While you don't want to choose a name that's too abstract, you also want your name to stir up excitement among consumers.


Should you take your brand name's trademark and URL seriously? Checking for Trademark issues and URL availability beforehand can save you significant legal trouble in the future and uplift your reputation.

Business Name Ideas By Industry

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a business name generator?

A business, company, or brand name generator is a tool to brainstorm and even create great business names. Just enter the type of business, industry, or other keywords and get hundreds of unique names in seconds.

How does Atom's company name generator work?

Atom's AI-driven generator is based on extensive research and machine learning. It creates names that are industry-appropriate and at the forefront of naming trends, using your personal keywords and prompts to come up with unique ideas that can then be further filtered and categorized until you land on the perfect business name. Newly generated names that catch your eye can also be trademarked and checked within the name generator.

How is it different from other business name makers and creators?

We have been analyzing and reviewing names and client preferences for over a decade at Atom. All the naming knowledge gathered through the 6 million names submitted into our platform ends up as part of our company name generating tool's programming. We have trained our naming AI based on this information including: keywords, emotions, name types, consumer trends, naming trends, industry naming standards, and much more.

Is the business name generator free to use?

Yes, Atom's company name generator is completely free to use.

Are there limitations on the number of times I can generate business names?

There are no limitations on the number of business names you can generate or the number of times you can use our brand name generator free of charge. In fact, we encourage users to experiment with the generator - we're proud of what it can do.

How many unique business name ideas can I generate with this tool?

You can generate as many unique brand name ideas as you like. Freely generate names and suggestions until you find the perfect set of ideas.

How long does it take to generate company name suggestions?

The brand name generator returns company name suggestions in just a few seconds.

Can I generate company name suggestions by industry?

Yes, you can search for and generate company name suggestions by industry and business type.

Can I generate company name suggestions by keyword?

You can generate company name suggestions by keyword, emotion, style, and much more.

Can I use this tool for brand name research and brainstorming?

Atom's brand name generator is an excellent research tool for branding purposes. You can even run trademark checks on generated names to see if any businesses are using similar names. Other research options from Atom include checking out previous contest winning names, and searching our curated premium domain marketplace

Can I use this tool to find a name for my business?

Yes, Atom's free LLC name generator was designed to help people find names for new businesses.

Can I use this tool to search for business domain names?

Yes, when you search for business names you will also be told whether exact match domain names are available for that business.

How do I create unique and catchy names for my business?

Naming your business is a big responsibility, but it doesn't have to be hard! Use Atom's business name creator to create unique, catchy names based on your industry, keywords, emotions, and your company's individual vision and selling points. Find out more about how to name a business here.

What are famous examples of catchy business and brand names?

Business names come in a variety of styles. The style that's right for your new business name depends on a few things, including personal taste and industry. Some famous, catchy business and brand names in the classic style include: Blackstone, Nordstrom, and Old Navy. Single-English word names that are hard to forget include: Apple, Slack, and Amazon.

How do I name my small business?

Using Atom's small business name generator is a great way to start work on naming your small business. Type in your industry, or words, emotions, and ideas related to the brand you're building to receive hundreds of name ideas that you can then filter by style.

How do I name my enterprise brand?

Name your enterprise brand just like you'd name any other company or brand. You can start the brainstorming process using our brand name suggestion tool, or explore the domain marketplace for inspiration.

How long should a business name be?

There is no maximum or minimum length for a business name. However, business names should always be easy to say, spell, and remember, while being aligned with your brand tone and core mission. A good business name also tells a brand story.

How do I choose a name for my business?

There are plenty of methods for naming a business, and using our business name ideas generator is a fantastic way to start. When choosing a name, you should also run it through Atom's business naming checklist. Good names are: contextual, appealing, remarkable, and evocative!

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